59 People have been apprehended by Police after residents in Chamboli Township rioted this morning damaging 15 motor vehicles that were parked at the Mogadishu police post, 2 Zambia Police vehicles and the CCPU office on suspicion that the Community crime prevention unit (CCPU) officers were protecting a wizard.

The riot happened between 10:00 hours and 11:00 hours this morning after 10 to 12 youths went to verify the authenticity of a prophesy from an unknown Pastor of an unknown church in the area which alleged that there was a charm commonly referred to as Ilomba (some kind of charm or element that is half human and half snake believed to be used in witchcraft practice) in the image of one of the CCPU officers, Luka Mwamba, at the Mogadishu community crime prevention unit office.

The two CCPU officers on duty, Dickson Mwale, 72 and Leonard Siame reported that they allowed the youths to inspect the CCPU office to verify that there was nothing, but the youths later mobilized and threw stones at them, insisting that the officers were protecting their wizard colleague who they accused of been responsible for deaths in the area.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed this to YAR FM NEWS and stated that of the 59 suspects apprehended, 52 are males while 7 are females.

Today’s riot was barely 48 hours after Police fought running battles on Saturday with the same Chamboli Township residents who attempted to burn a police post in the area after the law enforcers offered protection to a man the residents suspected of being a wizard.

The irate residents, who were armed with sticks and stones, stormed Chamboli police post and started throwing stone’s in an attempt to kill the man.
Some residents spoken to by YAR FM NEWS today accused the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU) officers of entertaining witchcraft in the area.

Meanwhile, an on the ground check by YAR FM NEWS around 13:00 hours found police officers firing warning shots and tear gas at the residents in an attempt to restore order in the area.
Calm has since been restored.

























(Credit- Yar FM)


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