A latest report obtained as classified by Zambian Watch has indicated that 80% of the street vendors that were swept away by the military have been using plastic bags to dispose off their faecal matter in Lusaka’s Central Business District.

It has been established that this could potentially have contributed to the high number of Cholera cases that have been tracked in Lusaka due to unhygienic practices as the traders did not have any convenient place to squat and push it all out.

This has mainly been facilitated by the sleeping Lusaka City Council and their Mayor Wilson Kalumba who are all still on the Christmas break while the military is cleaning.

The report has found that while the cleaning exercise is ongoing in the CBD, bags of tied packages of faeces were found tied and dumped in drainages because the street vendors do not have toilets to use, as the few available in town are privately owned.

The disposal of this product has further led to high levels of water contamination in Lusaka that threatens the health of all residents as illustrated in the image below.

The military has intensified the cleaning exercise as per directive by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and President of Zambia Edgar Lungu and are disposing off the waster nicely wrapped and dumped by traders in the CBD.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale has clearly failed to executive his job for allowing the council to go to sleep while street vendors continue to bunkum in the CBD.

He should therefore, not try to act all clever because President Lungu has already exposed his inefficiency and worse that of that shy public speaker Wilson Kalumba, so called Mayor of Lusaka.

Lusaka can be great again when incompetent people like the aforementioned owned up to their jobs and not just wait for their salaries which are deposited every 2nd last Wednesday of the month. It is embarrassing that the capital city should be recording deaths as a result of being dirty and worse water contamination because of the unregulated shitting habits.

80% of Zambians that were trading in our CBD have been emptying in plastic bags.



  1. If the PF govt of menomeno is serious in containing cholera in our capital city then the only solution lies in depoliticizing the businesses environment in the country. After the security personnel goes back to their barracks street vendors should not be allowed to get back to the streets and continue trading. The council should ensure that adequate arrangements are put in place to allow vendors to trade from their compounds where they live and this will decongest the central business area of Lusaka and bring sanity to the town. The chipantepante govt of menomeno Lungu should desist from appeasing his carders by not allowing them to return to the streets because the problem will not be sorted out if vendors continue trading on the streets of Lusaka. Last year many traders in Kitwe insulted his worship the Mayor Mr Christopher Kangombe when he moved the vendors from the streets and its only now that results are showing and the same people are congratulating him for keeping the town very clean. So politics of appeasement should not be entertained when we’re looking at issues to do with health and hygiene.

  2. Lungu was supposed to lead by example , he is the command in chief kuli bangwele twasunga mu Zambia, nomba kulamibofya mukupipa amafi when council officers who are supposed to be doing the work are busy celebrating New Year with the money stolen from the government coffers, bushe kwena muli ma soldier imwe? Abanenu mu Zimbabwe balilanga bu military bwabo imwe Kano ukupyanga mufimbusu, twalililenipo naimilinga.


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