A Girlfriend who always called her lover’s wife to tell her that she was licking her man’s Manhood and buttocks has stirred a hornets’ nest in the couple’s marriage resulting in the offended woman losing her efforts to reconcile with her husband.

This is a case in which Hellen Kaniki, 28 sued Nathan Kalanga, 31 of the same area in the Chelstone Local Court for marriage reconciliation even if her husband has a big headed girlfriend.

The couple married in 2015 and has one child together while dowry was partly paid.

Kaniki told Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala that she got sick at one point and was admitted in hospital for a month and that was the time her husband proposed love to her neighbour.

“Ninadwala for one month and bamuna banga bana pondoka kuli neighbour nakumutenga mu nyumba mwathu”(I got sick and while in hospital my husband took his girlfriend, who is my neighbour into our matrimonial home)

“Ninadabwa chabe after nachoka mu hospital muzanga anitukana palibe chifukwa and bantu bananiuza ati ndiye gelo yaba muna bako ine ninadabwa,”(I was just shocked after been discharged from the hospital only to hear that my husband had a girlfriend who was my neighbour who started insulting me,” she said.

She said her husband’s girlfriend always called her to inform her she was with him, licking his Manhood and buttocks.

” Bamuna banga banalonga zovala zonse pamene nina chita report “My husband packed his clothes after I reported the matter. Family tried to sit us down but in vain.

In defence, Kalanga said the reason he moved out of the house was because whenever they quarrelled she reported him to his family that he usually stole things from the work place.

” Tikayambana bakazi banga bamanitila chemba yamutundo, balibe ulemu bamauza ba family ati banichose nchinto kaili niya family( “Whenever we quarrel with my wife, she pours urine on me and also doesn’t want me to work,” he said.

” Chikondi apa chasila elo sinizabwelela kunyumba” I no longer love my wife and I will never go back home,”

On hearing from both parties, the court said reconciliation had failed because Kalanga refused to be reconciled.

Court then advised either party to sue for divorce.



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