A court in Zimbabwe has sentenced an HIV-positive maid to 25 years in prison for deliberately infecting a 10-year-old boy with HIV after having sex with him.

Memory Makore, a 40-year-old house help, allegedly coaxed the boy on two occasions, infecting him with the virus and genital warts.

Makore pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated indecent assault and to deliberately transmitting HIV when she appeared before Harare Magistrate Jessy Makufa.

Prosecutor Chipo Matambo, Thursday, said on a date unknown to the prosecutor but sometime in April last year, Makore and the minor were sleeping in the same bedroom but on separate beds.

Makore undressed the minor, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, and had s*x with him once without protection.

Matambo said in May, the minor went to stay with his grandmother in Murewa and started developing genital warts.

The minor was taken to Murewa Hospital where he was treated for the s*xually transmitted infection.

The court heard that on New Year’s Eve, the minor was with his other siblings aged four and five and retired for bed when their other minder Fadzai Kumula retired to bed, leaving the children in Makore’s care.

Makore allegedly undressed the minor and had unprotected s*xual intercourse with him again.

The following morning, Kumula reportedly suspected that she heard funny sounds and asked the boy what transpired.

The boy revealed everything to her. It was a 40 year old main who was shouting with s*xual excitement.

Kumula then confronted Makore, who admitted to having s*x with the boy leading to her arrest.

Kumula told one of the tenants identified in court as Grace Rusere Mafote, who informed the boy’s mother.

The minor narrated his ordeal to his mother, leading to Makore’s arrest


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