[In this article, Hon. Bowman Lusambo discusses why he believes that Mr. Kamanga is prioritizing his personal fortunes over those of the country.]

As human beings, it is inherent in us to always want to aim higher and strive for better. What is however not good is for one to achieve personal ambitions at the expense of public good. It is therefore advisable to measure one’s ambition taking into account prevailing conditions. Failure to do so is what could be referred to as Unmeasured Ambitions.

The happenings at Football House with regard to the forthcoming CAF Executive Committee elections exemplify that which is wrong about human beings.

As an ardent football fan, I wish to render my voice in advising the current FAZ Executive led by my brother Andrew Kamanga to do the honourable thing for the good of the beautiful game. I believe Zambia will win big by having Kalusha Bwalya back at CAF and Kamanga concentrating on developing the local game.

By attempting to go for a seat in Cairo when Football House has a myriad of challenges is tantamount to neglecting his fiduciary duties as FAZ President.

One would have thought that Andrew would concentrate on revamping the fortunes of our game here before trekking to CAF. I should also remind Andrew and his team that by next March, there will be coming back to the Councilors to seek a fresh mandate at the FAZ elective AGM, one wonders what they would be banking their re-election bid on.

There is a well-known saying: “When your neighbour’s house is on fire, wet your own.” I advise Andrew to deliver on his mandate of developing the Zambian game first before focusing on growing the African game.

In the next few weeks, the entire Africa will be watching the AFCON championship and sadly, the Chipolopolo will be missing at the tournament, twice in a row. And currently, the FIFA Under 20 World Cup is on and the Young Chipolopolo are nowhere near Poland..

The only thing we get from Andrew and his team are empty promises and more schemes to frustrate Kalusha. When Andrew campaigned for the FAZ job, he promised that he will use his business acumen and connections to get cash into FAZ coffers, as we speak, FAZ is broke and the whole league only has one sponsored Cup tournament which Andrew inherited from the Kalusha executive.

As a fan, what is even more distressing is that Andrew has not offered a blue print of how he hopes to get the Chipolopolo to compete at the highest level again. It is disappointing that Andrew is failing to develop the game even when he has continued to receive unprecedented support from His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the FAZ Patron.

Release the recommendation letter to Kalusha because that is the right thing to do. Kalusha has demonstrated immense capabilities to work on the beautiful game both on the field and off it. At an administrative level, there are very few personalities around Africa with the level of knowledge and expertise on the African game like Kalusha.

In 2007, when Nelson Mandela wanted to secure the rights to host the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he called on Kalusha to be part of the Bid Ambassadors and indeed, they brought the World Cup to Africa, for the first time.

My honest appeal to the current Executive is that, for the benefit of the Zambian game, let them focus on the local game and not on Mr. Kamanga’s unmeasured ambitions.

Bowman Lusambo, Football Fan.


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