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Stembridge Sikalundu Writes:

In fact the ones who supported Kaunda’s one party rule are the one s discriminating others supported by the Bemba speaking group who in the 60s also cried full of being victimized in jobs and led to late Simion Mwansa kapwepwe to resign both his vice presidentcy of the party and that of the Republican one sighting the fact that his Bemba tribes men were being victimisrd on his account as Veep of Unip and Zambia. Let me catalogue events of our history that showed that intact the attacks on Tongas is unfair much More that it has gone tothe extent of including those that support HH as targets to be purged from jobs and not trusted enough to hold senior ones in parastals nor their boards . It is predictable to see who is going to head what or not. It is now confined to two regions Northern and eastern . It is bad for Nwestern province in that we see the wealth going to build other places and complaints are met with you did not vote them so remain undeveloped. How do one discriminate against a province producing 70% of your copper for exports and we copper mono economy that also gives ability to contract the loans ,again going to developed other regions including those already developed . Example Ndola with loan monies -airport, dam, roads,houses for security staff ,dual road with NWesyern mortgaged to the loans.

I continue with the Tonga’s:
When Nkumbula took over leadership of ANC from Lewanika ,he welcomed Kaunda and gang of Bemba’s to ANC and were immediately absorbed with offices in the party like Kaunda secretary, kapwepwe treasurer and these were very ambitious and radical nationalists whom he trusted to work with.
He later sent kapwepwe to India for dkills training in tannery in readness for independence.

In 1958 a splinter group headed by Kaunda and his gang formed ZANC that was layer banned its officials sent in detention to other parts of the country. While there ,Mainza Chona,a tonga formed UNIP in their absence . He handed the leadership to Kaunda when they got released from detention and we your cousins laugh at you here for over trusting people who were to torment you despite what you did in their favour.

At independence again Nkumbula had to make a selfless decision as whether to join the federal party of whites andin turn delay indrpendence or give Kaunda his MPs so as to form government to lead to independence. Unip had 55 MPs ANC 10 MPs ,so Nkumbula gave Kaunda the 10 MPs to lead us to independence .

Four years later in 1967,Kaunda unip were to hold election of their central commitee and vice president who would eventuality be appointed vice republican president of the country. The incumbent then wss the late Reuben Chitandika Kamanga Easterner who was going to be challenged by the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe. During those elections ,the bemba block joined forces with you Tonga’s to elect kapwepwe who beat kamanga but supported by NWProvince,western,eastern and he lost sparking the tribalism and hate you experience. From the Bemba’s it is misplaced because they have not reciprocated what you havecdone for them and it mischievous of them too.

This wss the beginning of tribalism because the Bembas had wanted him to win and possibly succeed Kaunda who wss unopposed st those elections. The Easterners were not happy that their man had lost the polls and so find everything to under mine the elections. Some votes cast were found in the bush around Mulungushi and they petitioned Kaunda about it and he commissioned an enquiry about it led a a judge Blagden who actually found little evidence to warrant nullifying the votes. So kapwepwe remained Veep up to 1969 when he could not stand it and resigned both his viceship of party and country but Kaunda persuaded him to remain within the cabinet with the potoflio in charge of culture.

1970,he resigned to form his own party called UPP and promised to reverse some of the policies that some of he part toand were hurting the economy as Nkumbula had been saying . This party was banned and he was detained briefly after being accused of violence.

. In 1973 Nkumbula decided to disband ANC and join Unip at the Choma declaration to start the one party rule by Kaunda,again after the China commission that recommend end how it should be done.

Around the70s Nkumbula and kapwepwe joined hands to try to dislodge Kaunda from his presidency of unip and last minute amendments to the constitution of length of membership clause knocked them both to be elected. Kaunda continued to be voted on NoOr yes vote after the frog getting some votes,it to this format on the ballots.
Tonga’s and Lozi’s joined Bemba’s to bring multi part politics in 1990-1991 and supported FTJ,a bemba who become a ptedident.

In1996,southern province supported Chiluba again 100% thru people like Vernon Mwanga ,late Bennie Mwiinga,Syamujaje m,Siakalima,Dipark Patel among others to help him get elected.

Then much later 1998, late Mazoka and some NWrsterners form ed upnd from structures from the defunct National party formetly headed by Mulemba . The first mayor was Logan shemena was voted by majority MMD councillors and two upnd councillors to show that the party was not Tonga as such but came from NP structures .George Mbombo was also one of the first upnd councillors at inception of this party while at the same time Mazoka lost a ward in his village in Bwengwa and a few others.

Southerners came to join en mass in 2001 only. You story ends here boy /ued.



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