A 37-year-old woman has told a Lusaka Magistrate Court that her garden boy indecently assaulted her six-year-old daughter by kissing her on the lips.

Ms Chilufya Noble, 37, a small-scale farmer said upon hearing such shocking news she slapped her daughter and cautioned her about being alone with boys.

This is in a matter King Mwansa, 26, is facing one count of indecent assault on a child and the incident is alleged to have happened on August 9, 2019 in Lusaka’s Makeni area.

Ms Noble narrated that on the material day, she was sorting groceries in the kitchen when her 15-year-old son informed her that he saw Mwansa kissing her daughter in the bathroom.

She said Mwansa immediately started denying the allegation but her daughter said Mwansa kissed her on the lips.

“I called my daughter and asked her what happened and she narrated that Mwansa went in the bathroom while she was using it. When she was done he held her hand and knelt down to kiss her,” she said.

Ms Noble said her daughter told her that Mwansa put his mouth on her mouth then put his tongue in her mouth.

She said when she wanted to confront Mwansa, he attempted to flee saying he had stopped work.

“I grabbed him by the bag and I noticed he was drinking alcohol and becoming unruly. Fearing for my safety, I called my husband and a friend to assist in apprehending him while I went to the police station to report the matter,” she said.

Ms Noble said police officers from mosque police picked Mwansa and he was put in cells.

Meanwhile her son testified that he saw Mwansa kiss the little girl on the lips in the bathroom.


  1. This same photo appeared on gate man wanted for raping his boss,so he has two crimes arrest him from court he is rapist aswell


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