If he was a marketing student, we could have praised his lecturers. But we honour Eng Mubyana Sinyinda because he is just an engineering student at CBU who is a born marketer.

All of a sudden he is super star. He has coined a phrase that has swept Zambia clean.

He is a real definition of a young man who comes from a remote and neglected part of Zambia trying to survive in a city that is way to advanced; a city and university in which survival is for the fittest.

He knew the only way to survive was selling what his parents plant in the baroste plains and that is Mongu Rice. To sell it, he had to be shrewd.

He had seen that in his up bringing, all his problems were solved by Mongu rice. When he needed books, his parents would sell Mongu rice. When he needed school fees, his unemployed parents had to sale Mongu rice. All the needs of the family were solved when his parents had Mongu rice in the house.

When he was accepted at CBU, his parents clearly told him that they had no money to make him survive university life. “You will have to sell this to survive” they told him.

CBU was not western province. How would he sell this rice to people who thought Nakonde was the best? An idea came in his mind. Market the rice as a problem solver. And his idea has worked.

We have all known about Nakonde rice. But this young man’s strategy will change the story for Mongu rice.

-Mongu Rice Gives you wings
-Mongu Rice Gives you Strength



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