The Police in Lusaka have picked a dead body of unidentified man from a mobile money both situated on Ben Bella road near COMESA Market in Lusaka.

The body was picked this afternoon, after some traders from COMESA Market saw some blood oozing from the booth and reported the matter to COMESA Police station.

The body was found in a decomposed state.

And speaking to Zambian Watch in an interview, some eye witnesses said the man committed suicide after he found out that he was infected with HIV/AIDS by his girlfriend.

According to one friend who refused to be named said the man in question found out last month that he was HIV/AIDS and he tried to raise money to buy sondashi Formula and was too expensive.

“I know the man, he works here in this booth, we use to talk alot. But I’m so shocked because this is just sucide. Last month he was complaining that Sondashi Formula was too expensive. He was told that one bottle is costing K400 and K500 respectively for a week. And he needed to be buying atleast a bottle every week. Now after failing to find the money, im sure he thought of killing himself”

“He was just over thinking despite people telling him that he should just work hard and find money to be on Sondashi Formula. Alot of people using sondashi formula have been cured. But the medicine is just way too expensive. Government must do something about Sondashi Formula because its too expensive and we will continue having these deaths from the youths”.-Zambian Watch



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