A miner who was reported dead in December 2015 by his elder brother has resurfaced in one of Lusaka shanty compounds in Lusaka.

Police sources have disclosed that Mutale has been spotted and very soon police will apprehend him and take him to Luanshya.

Meanwhile Pastor Abraham Mwamba who reported that his young brother died at the village and later claimed he was administrator of the estate is allegedly up in arms with one of his elders at his church after the elder failed to get a refund from a Tanzanian witchdoctor who promised to ‘clear’ Luanshya Copper Mines spokesperson Sidney Chileya by the December 2016 who they claimed was blocking the processing of terminal benefits.

“Yes, his employers Luanshya Mine have halted the payments of all his benefits because they discovered he is alive, but we don’t want to give more details.” Police sources said.

Mutale Mwamba was reported dead by his elder brother Abraham Mwamba in 2015.

Pastor Mwamba reported that his younger brother died and was buried at Munkonge village in Kasama.

Pastor Mwamba produced documents from Kasama municipal council and Chief Munkonge’s palace to prove that his young brother indeed died and was buried at the village.

Pastor Mwamba of World Touch Ministries, who was also until recently an operator at Luanshya Copper Mines, was a few months ago convicted and sentenced by magistrate Makalicha in the Luanshya Magistrate courts for faking the death of his daughter and calming funeral grant from Luanshya Copper Mines.

According to Police sources, Mutale Mwamba was placed on forced leave in September 2015 after Baluba Mine was placed on care and maintenance by Luanshya copper mines. He later travelled to the village to hide as his brother was forging documents of his death.

The documents were later submitted to LCM and pastor Mwamba even received funeral allowance. But as the mine was processing the terminal benefits which were in excess of K500,000.00 a family member from the Mwamba family called the LCM spokesperson Sidney Chileya to alert him that Mutale was in fact alive and the mine could verify by sending people to Munkonge village in Kasama.

A team comprising Zambia and Mine police was dispatched to Kasama in the night but when they arrived at the house where Mutale was hiding, he jumped through the window and escaped leaving behind his cell phone, bag and shoes which are still in the custody of Luanshya police. It was later discovered that some police officers who were working with pastor Mwamba had informed Mutale that police were about to arrest him.

Police later went to Chief Munkonge’s palace to interview him about the letter he authored confirming Mutale’s death.

The chief denied ever writing such a letter and said he was going to assist police apprehend the culprits because they had tarnished his name.

It is alleged that after escaping, Mutale crossed into Tanzania with the help of Pastor Mwamba’s friend and elder at church Edward Masika who also hails from Tanzania. After his brother went to hide in Tanzania, Pastor Mwamba was informed by his accomplice at Luanshya Mine that it was the spokesperson Sidney Chileya who was blocking the payment of the money.

It was at this point that elder Masika volunteered to go and see a witch doctor in Tanzania so that he could get the LCM spokesperson ‘out of the way’. Pastor Mwamba got K5, 000.00 from the church and gave Masika to travel to Tanzania and even took some money for rations for Mutale.

Elder Masika later phoned Pastor Mwamba that the witchdoctor had demanded K4,000.00 plus 2 goats, two chickens, Chileya’ s picture(which they got from his Facebook) and 2 white bed sheets. The items were bought and handed over to the witchdoctor in the presence of Mutale and the witchdoctor promised that Chileya would be history by December 2016.

But Pastor Mwamba has become impatient and recently asked Masika to get the money back from the witchdoctor.

However, Masika has failed to recover the money and this has created a rift between him and Pastor Mwamba who has even dropped him from the church board. Masika has however demanded that he is re-instated or else he will spill the beans and reveal other atrocities the pastor has been committing.

Mutale has since sneaked back into the country and Pastor Mwamba is renting a small house for him in one of Lusaka’s shanty compounds but he wants to re unite with his wife and 3 kids as he is tired of being a fugitive.

Meanwhile Luanshya Copper has halted the payment of his terminal benefits and has reported Pastor Mwamba to the police. Pastor had presented false death documents and obtained appointment papers of administrator from the Mpatamato local courts where it is believed he also has accomplice there.





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