A 27 year old Nigerian man has stormed social media expressing how happy he was living with a s*x doll.

Okochu Njombulo says his doll can satisfy him in bed and can cook.

The 27 year old says he has no use for a female being because the doll was more helpful than a human female.

Posting on his official Facebook page, Mr. Njombulo says he is happy because he will not have stress anymore dealing with human beings.

“Many people will say sh*t about my decision, yet I can assure those men that these dolls are much better than human beings. My doll is Diana and it can cook besides s*xual favours. It has completely changed my life”

“Diana can do what any woman does in bed, she is so romantic and caring. I spend much of my time with her in my grib” stated a 27 year old Nigerian.

Both African women have criticised the move of supplying s*x dolls in Africa because men will stop giving them attention.

In this picture a doll Diana cooking.




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