Kasebamashila Kaseba

By Kasebamashila Kaseba

— from loving retired dead Tonga KK to hating aspiring living Tonga HH —

While KK is said to have fought tribalism etc or detribalised himself, he was born at Lubwa Mission in 1924 among the Bemba of Chief Nkula of a missionary preacher ‘Tonga’ father, Rev. David Julizya Kaunda (1878 – 1932) and teacher ‘Tumbuka’ mother Helen [Nyamu]Nyirenda-Kaunda (1882 – 1972).

In short, KK also had tribes, Tonga of his father and Tumbuka of his mother born in Chasanya village, Malawi.

However, KK generally accepted his parents were Nyasalanders than Tonga and Tumbuka tribes.

Secondly, being born into a tribe or having a mother tongue or celebration of tribe is not tribalism, at least not negative tribalism.

In fact, there is negative and positive tribalism as through UNESCO, Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, House of Chiefs and (tribal) traditional ceremonies etc.

Unlike his friend Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe also from Bemba royalty with partly village orientation, KK carried the mission station orientation against negative tribalism into politics.

Political tribalism is negative tribalism of accusing or blaming the victims of tribalism as it happened to Levy Mwanawasa accused of a ‘family tree’ and not Michael Sata accused of ‘family forest’ but HH of Tonga tribalism.

HH, with his masters degree shall be the most educated president to enter State House and Bweengwa absence of at least 30 years or Lusaka residence or fluency in a couple of other local languages do not save him from being a Tonga tribalist.

HH’s multilingualism of Bemba and Nyanja are way better than EL’s multilingualism of Tonga and Lozi.

In other words, HH is more multilingual than mono-or-bilingual EL.

How then is multilingual HH a Tonga tribalist than Bemba and Nyanja mono-or-bilingual EL?

He is a tribalist for simply being born in the tribe and for belonging to a tribe.

In fact, Tonga is not anymore a tribe or language among the seven semi official languages but a tribalism whereas HH is not Tonga tribe but Tonga tribalism tribalist.

Otherwise, what is happening to HH is partly KK’s overzealotry in fighting negative tribalism without proper policy of positive tribalism.

As matter of fact, while KK is Malawian Tonga and which Tonga maybe related to Zambian Tonga as Namwanga, Mambwe and Lungu; HH from Bweengwa constituency and Headman Mooya of Chief Hamusonde is essentially more Ila than Tonga.

Similarly, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula (1916 – 1983) president of African National Congress (ANC) himself accused or demonised for Tonga tribalism was also Ila more than Tonga tribe or tribalism he was accused of.

In short, KK is more Tonga than both Nkumbula and HH especially being older than HH and of the older Tonga than younger Tonga tribe.

However, for PF and Bemba tribalists loving a dead Malawian Tonga in KK to resurrection and hating Zambian Tonga HH to death, that is, what hate or bigotry or hypocrisy can do.

KK was also the one to warn Zambians that PF President Michael Sata (his relative) was “not presidential material” (perhaps for reasons of tribalism, corruption and violence).

Unfortunately, HH, like KK, has no proper policy response to negative tribalism, corruption and violence he is suffering.

Worse, HH is prone to suffer reverse tribalism of overcompensating the same negative tribalists against fellow victim tribesmen.
Article 23. [Protection from discrimination on the ground of race, etc.]

(3) In this Article the expression “discriminatory” mean, affording different treatment to different persons attributable, wholly or mainly to their respective descriptions by race, tribe, sex, place of
origin, marital status, political opinions colour or creed whereby persons of one such description are subjected to disabilities or restrictions to which persons of another such description are not
made subject or are accorded privileges or advantages which are not accorded to persons of another such description.
Expressing or showing hatred, ridicule or contempt for persons because of race, tribe, place of origin or colour

Section 70. (1) Any person who utters any words or publishes any writing expressing or showing hatred, ridicule or contempt for any person or group of persons wholly or mainly because of his or their race, tribe, place of origin or colour is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years.


  1. Nayi dipa iyi ba Kaseba, it is stuff for super IQs not ifwe who were born with negative IQs, nafitupita Baka’amba, landeni muChibemba limbi we will get half of what you are articulating Kanabesa!!!!

    • The drug you smoke kasaba it is not good boss, because it allows you to write something which can not make people to understand you.napsa and yourself you need to use simple terms for the readers to understand you.i can not comment on this matter because I didn’t understand the message.

  2. What is this dull chap bluffing about! Tribalism is when somebody just wants to associate with his own tribe only, and influence his fellow tribesmen that they can only associate with their tribesmen only! They cut themselves from other tribes for reasons best known to themselves! It also has to do a lot with their traditions, beliefs and backwardness! Tongas don’t easily open when in the company of other tribes! Somehow they feel safer when in company of their fellow Tongas! In short they are not openly sociable! This is why even at the peak of urbanization in Zambia it was the Bembas and Easterners who were the great movers! The Easterners quickly field up and controlled Lusaka Urban, while the Bembas quickly field up and controlled the Copperbelt (refer Zambia Stats Office), figures are there! The Southerners remained domiciled in Southern province because they are closed, and don’t easily mix with other tribes, hence entrenched tribalism! So it has nothing to do with Kaunda being “Tonga from Malawi” or Hichilema being Ila or Tonga, it’s historical traditional backwardness and beliefs! Even Kambwili is a young man don’t blame him for your traditional tribalism, problem is Tongas can’t shed off tribalism, it’s entrenched in their traditional values!

  3. What an intricate read! It’s like a brain puzzle! The manner of writing is quite unique …it could be a poem. I like it! Excellent piece!

  4. Manganga, if bigotry was a sport, you would have won a gold medal by now. Dont blame Tongas for your limited understanding of what constitutes tribalism in Zambia. Well you are again exposing your stupidity when you write” at the peak of urbanization in Zambia it was the Bembas and Easterners who were the great movers! The Easterners quickly field up and controlled Lusaka Urban, while the Bembas quickly field up and controlled the Copperbelt”. Do you know how many people are married to Tongas or employed by Tongas in various parts of the country?


  6. We have heard of racial profiling, in Zambia we have tribe profiling, just yesterday I was have a heated political conversation with a colleague, and out the blues his tongue gave way and said uku kumwenu meaning place or area as in the south , simply because am sympathetic towards UPND. I have also heard a lot politicians use the terminology ” UKU KUMWABO”. I wonder how these people manage to tongue out one zambia , one nation yet tribe profiling is their main activity.

  7. You can insult as much as possible, Ngoma ya Senseless, even one million times, but the truth is you Tongas are very tribal and very closed, backward! Inter-marriage does not mean one has shed of his or her traditional tribal tag! Marriages sometimes happen accidentally, and you find yourself with a lady or man you didn’t even plan to marry! Yes, One Zambia, One Nation! You want to hide in that slogan, it’s like changing clothes every day, but you still remain the same tribal Tonga! So One Zambia, One Nation does not mean that one has shed off his tribal tag! Tribalism is embedded in that person! If Zambia had become One Zambia, One Nation, why are Tongas, today, 57 years after the slogan was coined, still chasing other tribes from Namwala? Answer me! Don’t rush to insults! Insults won’t make your dictator Hichilema go to State house! And he will never go there! Mmembe, Kabimba, Nawakwi, GBM, Kambwili etc are making sure he does not get any close to State house because he’s a thief and tribalist!

  8. Manganga, you call Tongas crooks and backwards! You imbecile. Do you think you have the monopoly to insult a whole Tonga tribe without consequences? Which Tongas chased other tribes from Namwala? When did you hear a Tonga politician declare any part of Southern province as a no go area for other politicians from other tribes who want to campaign? You have been blindfolded id you think M’membe, Kabimba, Nawakwi, GBM and Kambwili own state house!!


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