Tayali, Major Barotseland Prophet

A Prophetic Massage To Chilufya Tiyali From The Major Barotseland Prophet

“A gift is like fire in the bones the more I say I will not do it, the more it runs through me”

This one I will just do it because of its importunity.

I was caught up in the realm of the spirit and the prophetic fire began to kindle within me ,then I saw one prominent Zambian politician by the name of Chilufya Tiyali and what I saw amazed me.I wondered how many people in the world that missed their destinies because of not knowing who they really are.

I saw Chilufya Tiyali not as politician in the spirit realm ,I saw him as a (HEADLINER) , apart from this I saw Tiyali as a very genius gifted script writer,what ever he is doing now is just chasing after the winds ,he does not belong into politics but in the Entertainment World because.His Star is very bright and charismatic.His gift is natural,well aligned with vigor and eloquence.

I saw him as a movies star,as an international reckoned movie producer as he is multitasking and multi talented.

What I have written above is what would have given this man the fame ,the power, the influence that he so desperately desires.This would have made him a multimillionaire and one of Africa’s finest talents.

I saw him on Bill boards ,commercial adverts what a destiny.For now this is all I can say but I have one last Word of Knowledge to give him it’s a parable ( “I see him trying to buy a couch but if he succeeds buying this couch he must not be living it in the sun for a long time and this couch is very fragile it’s not like the other couches he has bought before”)

Life is a great teacher when a man is stubborn to change in the end he will have nothing but ruefulness as his friend.

Prophet Richard Vine
The Sage of God


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