Over the weekend on Sunday the 13th October A person who was leading the team of 4 witches in Kaoma’s chilombo area was burnt to death and his wife is still nursing burnt wounds in Kaoma District hospital.

The family of mutete, hired a witch doctor who was brought to Chilombo area on a mission to bring back a young lady to life and he managed to fish out four suspected witches and wizards who were behind the death of the young lady called mutete. One of the suspect was identified as Fred who works for Kaoma council, and the all agreed that the killed an innocent girl through mutukule and sold her to someone who employed her as a worker in the farm.

Doctor kachika has managed to bring back a young lady to life in Kaoma Chilombo area.
Mutete is believed to have died last year after getting sick for 30 minutes,she was later buried. The group leader of wizards and watches was also identified as Mr Timothy who live in Kaoma Chilombo area.

He accepted of killing the young lady and his children wanted to attack the witch doctor and that’s how the situation ended that way. All others have run away from chilombo area. And doctor Kachika is still around in Kaoma district helping a lot of people.

On the photo: wearing a red it’s Doctor Kachika and the burnt witch pictures.



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