Police in Nakonde district of Muchinga Province have launched a man-hunt of a woman who is believed to have dumped a one-month-old baby in the bush.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joe Njase revealed that the baby wrapped in baby showel is believed to have been dumped in the bush in Chimyantu village of Chieftainess Waitwika Chiefdom around 00:00 hours yesterday.

It was only an alert group of charcoal burners who picked it up after hearing its crying around 04:30 hours, he said.

Engineer Njase said Ansywell Sikapizye aged 56 of Chimyantu Village, Chief Waitwika also a Village Headman of Chimyantu Village latter reported the matter to the police.

“Headman Sikapizye reported that an unknown person did dump a one month old baby girl in the bush in his village,” he said.

The police chief added that a group of villagers (charcoal burners) who were on their way to Nakonde town to sell charcoal, heard a baby crying in the bush, about 5 meters away from the Great North Road near Kantongo Village.

Upon hearing the infant’s cry, the charcoal burners got concerned and went in the bush where they found an abandoned baby girl.

They immediately picked up the infant and reported the matter to the village Secretary, who later handed over the baby to the Village Headman.

The Village Headman later reported the matter at Nakonde Police Station and also handed over the baby girl to the Victim Support Unity ( VSU), said Engineer Njase.

The Police Commissioner said the infant has since been taken to Nakonde Urban Clinic and the medical personnel have confirmed that she is in good health.

The Department of Social Welfare has since been informed.

Engineer Njase said police have since launched a man hunt for the fugitive mother and appealed to members of the public with information on the where about of the woman to assist the police.


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