By Barotseland Broadcasting Network

The famous treason road (the Mongu-Limulunga road ) the road that is leading to Limulunga the King’s Palace which has been the talk of the day from Zambian government is now a security risk to road users. The people of Limulunga and the surrounding areas received their Christmas gifts of accidents on the same road this Christmas period. This is because road users are forced to use the road sides as the main gravel road is in bad state forcing drivers to cause accidents.

Despite its significant to the region as it is the road that is used by many people including the President during the famous Kuomboka Ceremony, the road has not received much attention from the central government.

Earlier this year the PF lead Lungu Government in their continued deception and for the sake of winning the Mabili ward by election deceived the people by grading the old tarmac on the same road that the government was constructing a bituminous four Lene standard road. The Zambian government announced that the road had been given to a Chinese contractor to work on it, but up to now nothing has happened forcing residents to put up sand and water in an effort to reduce dust during the dry season.

Recently, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) in its protest press statement stated that the Zambian government had abandoned a number of projects in Barotseland since 2011 including the Mongu stadium, King Lewanika University among others.

Barotseland has continued to be denied developments from Zambia’s Central Government, for a number of years, currently the Lusaka-Mongu road is also in bad state on many sections especially the Tateyoyo to Nkeyema, the Katunda-Lukulu road is in a very bad state especially during the rain seasons, the Seaheke-Livingstone road is also in a bad state. But the current government has continued to make political statements to deceive the people during elections as witnessed during the Mangango by elections Where the PF/Lungu Government moved on site with earth moving machines in pretence of commencing works on Lukulu-Katunda road but later after wining the seat the project has stalled.

File picture: The graded Mongu-Limulunga road that has since been left abandoned with bad gravel


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