By Sean E. Tembo – PeP President

1. The bottom line is that there is plenty of gold across the country. Anyone who is interested in mining it can simply apply for an exploration license at the Department of Mines and it shall be given to you. Once you locate commercially viable deposits of gold with your exploration, then you can apply for a mining license and again, the Department of Mines will give it to you and you can set up your gold mine as a Zambian which will be owned by you 100%. Nobody will stop you. I personally know more than 10 prominent Zambians that are into the exploration business not only for gold but even for other deposits such as oil. Some are in the process of developing their mines.

2. Those Karma Mining Services guys who came from Sudan went and applied for an exploration license, got it, pumped money into exploration in Mumbwa, found commercially viable deposits of gold, applied for a mining license, got it then set up their mine which is operational as we speak. ZCCM-IH as an investor decided to buy some shares into the Mumbwa mine. Given that Karma is an international company with other business assets elsewhere, instead of ZCCM-IH buying shares into Karma Mining Services, they decided to set up an SPV called CGCZ in which ZCCM-IH owns 45% and Karma Mining Services owns 55%. This SPV will mine the gold at the Mumbwa site.

3. The SPV further decided to invest into a gold processing plant which will not only process gold from their Mumbwa mining site but also from various artisanal gold miners dotted all over the area. An artisanal miner is a small scale miner and this license category is reserved for Zambians only. There are more than 1,000 artisanal mining licenses that the Department of Mines has issued so far, for different mineral deposits including gold, manganese, emeralds etc.

4. CGCZ decided to establish an SPV to undertake this gold processing in Mumbwa in conjunction with Allay metals in which CGCZ owns 65% and Allay Metals owns 35%. A gold processing facility is like a smelter in the world of copper. Anyone can set up a gold processing facility and those involved in gold mining including artisanal gold miners will decide which processing facility to take their gold to for processing.

5. So now tell me, what are people crying about regarding the above arrangement? This is a totally commercial arrangement and no one said that these entities above will have a monopoly on gold exploration or mining in Zambia, no. So before ignorance kills you by arguing about things you don’t even understand, get out of social media, go and apply for a gold exploration license at the Department of Mines and become a proud gold mine owner in a few months or years. Smh


SET 23.05.2020



  1. Well, I suppose people are crying – as you call it; because not enough publicity is given these things for fair competition. Why is everything shrouded in secrecy and people only know stuff after the event? Publicise widely – whatever it takes, let people know what’s going on before the event, not retrospectively.

  2. Zennia, President Sean Tembo (PeP) is right, he’s giving a powerful tool to Zambians. He actually gave me an insight. As the saying goes “If you want to hide something from an African, write it in a book”. This is what is happening here. His entire article is based on mineral exploration in Zambia. No one needs to publicize anything. All the information on how to acquire a mining license or is it licence can be found and downloaded from either the ministry of mines or the Zambia Chamber of Mines.
    Try google using such words like MINES AND MINERALS ACT OF ZAMBIA (not sure if its 2015). It is a huge document, I think 86 pages or more. In that document you can familiarize yourself with the licenses you can apply for, the duration of that license and activities. You will also have an understanding of the meanings of some mining terms e.g. ORE, MINERAL etc. You will also know the size of the wallet/hand bag required to venture into such mining activities.
    SO download the document and enjoy reading, let’s hope you don’t give up reading because of the length of the document. Au revior

  3. Sean, all we hear is Mumbi Phiri has gone to investigate gold mine in Mwinilunga,and Kungo, has been arrested. shade more light on what is happening in Mwinlunga?

  4. Sean, the issue is that our laws need to change. Our resources should not be exploited primarily by foreigners. Mining licenses should be owned by Zambians. Foreigners can bring their investment and partner with Zambians. I am amazed that a person that aspires to become president of Zambia cannot think beyond the status quo.

  5. Ngela, Merci beaucoup! Indeed, I, and most people would find scrutinising dense print, on or off line, an ordeal & probably give up! Yet this could be simplified to enable fair competition.

    I believe that there should be visible signposting to information, and how to acquire things – consequently giving all Zambians opportunities in mining, land acquisition, etc. At present, accessing information in Zambia is like attempting to bleed a stone!

  6. Iwe Sean how do you explain the two licenses which where grabbed from indigenous Zambians (Chilibwe & Kampoko) in Mwinilunga after PF officials strong armed their way into the tenements. A police commissioner lost his job in the fiasco. But what can a ZP commissioner do against PF political machinery? What was the motive of the PF? Why did the the PF investigate itself instead of DEC, ACC and ZP? We saw what happened to the sesheke police officers who applied their duty to violent PF thugs during a by election. The got fired for doing a good job. What will be CGCZ’s role in Mwinilunga? Where does this leave the original licence owners. Did Karma also own Rufunsa? Zccm-ih is a public institution. It has to be TRANSPARENT in its dealing. From start to finish. Not just making announcements after dealings that never saw the light of day. Everything about CGCZ is opaque. And Sean want to be the President of the Republic of Zambia! My foot! Sean you are a mercenary! I am extremely disappointed by your antics. Sean, I appeal to you to be wise use your intelligence for common good NOT for self aggrandizement. GOD HELP US.



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