There is war within the anti-corruption commission among senior officials over stash of dollars confiscated from corrupt accused minister of housing & infrastructure development Ronald Chitotela.

Mr. Chitotela was recently charged with counts of concealing property by ACC.

But before he was arrested and during a search at his house, stash of dollars were discovered by ACC officials which they did not declare.

The officials opted to keep the dollars and charged the minister with raider charges of concealing property which will be dismissed in court someday.

However, there is a disagreement among the ACC officials over sharing of the dirty money.

A source within the ACC tells Zambian Watch that the disagreements over shares of the dirty money prompted some officials to decide to arrest the minister again.

Mr. Chitotela was invited to appear before the commission again by some junior officials who are part of the group but this was unknown to the Director of ACC.

However, after an agreement was reached at by the officers who are intending to share the dollars, the minister was told that he will not be arrested and that there was a miscommunication.

Workers at the ministry have confirmed to Zambian Watch that four ACC officials went to the minister’s office yesterday but did not find him after being alerted that he would be picked.

Zambian Watch is informed that upon being tipped of the impeding arrest, Mr. Chitotela then phoned the leader of the ACC officials who agreed to share the dollars to complain why they want to arrest him when they agreed that they should share the $400,000 which they discovered in a trunk hidden under the bed of the minister.



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