THE Anti-Corruption Commission on Tuesday summoned health minister Chitalu Chilufya in connection with misappropriation of funds.

According to a high ranking source in President Edgar Lungu’s Cabinet, Dr Chilufya was secretly summoned and quizzed in connection with embezzlement of more than K44 million at the Ministry of Health.

“He was summoned to ACC yesterday, the 19th. It is in connection with misappropriation of way over K44 million at the Ministry of Health. If you noticed the COVID-19 update on Wednesday was not done by him,” the source said.

The source however said Dr Chilufya, who was supposed to be arrested immediately after the interrogations, survived due to “heavy interference from some influential people within government and the PF”.

The source said the lady who was interrogating Dr Chilufya was under substantial intimidation that she failed to arrest him even after he was warned and cautioned.

The source said the interference was exerted by one of President Edgar Lungu’s aides and a named provincial minister.

“These came to his rescue; they influenced the case such that the dealing officer could not arrest him. He was warned and cautioned but due to too much interference the whole issue might be swept under the carpet. As it is this matter is treated as top secret,” the source said.

When contacted over the matter, ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono said he could not comment as he was waiting for details from the director of investigations.

He could neither confirm nor deny that Dr Chilufya was interrogated.

“I sent my officer who is at the office, so he is checking through and seeing what is happening. When I followed up just a while ago, we need confirmation from the director-investigations who is not in the office. He is unreachable, so he is the one that can give us some details. Anyone else wouldn’t give us because it’s a matter of high profile; so director-investigations will do that. If anything comes through, I will let you know,” said Moono.

By press time, Dr Chilufya’s phone constantly went unanswered



  1. Owner of 48 houses,gassing issue culprits and now embezzlement of covid 19 funds???ACC do they have teeth to bit or are just an entity on paper???


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