The Anti-Corruption Commission has summoned NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili’s son, Mwamba, to its offices at Woodlands Police Station at 09:30 hours on Wednesday.

According to a call out signed by ACC investigations officer Tayali Chavula, Monday, Mwamba is required to present himself for questioning.

Kambwili is already in court over allegations that he forged his son’s signature on company returns.


  1. ACC are just as useless as the people who tell them what to do…why can’t they summon Chitotela with all these reported cases? No wonder the corrupt Kaizer called them monkeys at one time. I can just add that they are worse than monkeys…maybe they are hyenas without any vision of fighting corruption. If there was a way, ACC & DEC should have just been disbanded for now until Lungu is out of office


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