Freedom Sikazwe


THE Ndola High Court on Friday sentenced five men and two women to death by hanging for murdering Senior Chief Tafuna and his subject in Mpulungu following a succession dispute.

Chipampe Sikazwe, the uncle of Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe led a rebellion that killed Chief Tafuna.

Sikazwe installed himself as Acting Chief Tafuna.

Judge Yvonne Chembe yesterday sentenced Chipampe Sikazwe, and his co-conspirators;Clement Yambayamba, Israel Sikazwe, Arnold Kaite, Mathews Chabala, Anita Namwinga and Maureen Namwinga to death after finding them guilty of murder.

The seven were also sentenced to 20 years imprisonment each for attempted murder.

They were each facing two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.



  1. This is a fair reflection of what Zambia has become, including the quality of discourse on this and other sites. Succession wrangling in chieftainships are so very common these days. This is essentially one extended family in one tribe but that did not stop things getting nasty. Custodians of Zambian culture, my oh my, we have to look elsewhere for custodians of culture.


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