What a fine, lovely and professional man that John Kasanga is? And why is he still acting Board chairperson instead of confirming him?

Zambia still has men of integrity and principals. Mr Kasanga is the right man for FIC. Lets all support that institution. With the leadership of UPND that will empower and let state institutions operate independently men like Kasanga can be trusted.

We can safely confirm that actually the detailed reports were submitted to various law enforcement agencies a year ago. FIC provides all details like names, account numbers etc per case study submitted to law enforcement.

Truth is that the agencies are conniving with politicians to sit on these reports. The Attorney General said he sometimes instructs agencies to drop cases. We smell a rat and the AG may go to jail for obstructing JUSTICE.

Anita must not defend politicians only if she is an accomplice or else let her stick to her lane in Chibolya. From what Mr Kasanga explained if Anita wants to save face she must withdraw her statement.

“If your money is made transparently go HOME and sleep peacefully”, said FIC board chairperson. He also asked why someone needs forty nine houses? Investment? How many houses can you sleep in? As Fixing Team we understand why Lungu spoke like that and only time will tell. Immunity????

If you missed the interview please find it and watch it. Let’s support FIC.

Zambia shall prosper.

The Fixing Team.


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