A former Nigerian government minister has claimed that migrants from his country are having their organs harvested after being sold into slavery in Libya.

Femi Fani-Kayode, a onetime aviation minister in Nigeria, claimed that 75 per cent of slaves who have their organs harvested in North Africa are from his country.

The Cambridge University-educated lawyer added that the victims have their ‘bodies mutilated’ and are ‘roasted like suya [shish kebabs]’.

He went on: ‘Roasted alive! This is what Libyans do to sub-Saharan Africans who are looking for a transit point to Europe.

‘They sell them into slavery and either murder, mutilate, torture or work them to death.’

Fani-Kayode, writing on Twitter, also bemoaned the overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and attacked Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari for ‘remaining silent’ about slavery.

It comes after a shocking report revealed that migrants and refugees are being sold as slaves by human traffickers in Libya for as little as a few hundred pounds.


Thousands of migrants still arrive in Libya, many from sub-Saharan Africa and Africa’s Horn in the hope of crossing the Mediterranean.

However, as Italy and the EU have been financing and training Libya’s coastguard to stem the flow of people crossing the Mediterranean, many see their journey to Europe end in Libya.

Libya, a country in chaos since the overthrow of longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, more or less shirks any responsibility for the thousands of people stranded on the banks of the Med.

While some are sent to detention centres, many are simply left in the hands of the human traffickers whom they had either paid or to whom they owe substantial sums.

Video obtained by CNN shows a slave auction in Libya where Nigerian men are being sold as ‘big strong boys for farm work.’

In the video, the auctioneer can be heard shouting prices, before one of the men is sold for 1,200 Libyan dinars – the equivalent of about $800 or £665.


There have been several reports on torture and abuse in the many detention centres in Libya, many of which are run by local militias due to the current power vacuum.

Last month, the president of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) called for EU aid to stop, saying Libya’s detention of migrants ‘must be named for what it is: a thriving enterprise of kidnapping, torture and extortion.’

Detainees told MSF how men are forced to run naked in the courtyard until they collapse from exhaustion, while women are raped and made to call family back home for money to free them.




  1. The majority of these poor souls are Nigerians , nothing of the sort could have happened if prudent management of resources was in place. Nigeria is endowed with oil reserves enough to sustain the country’s economic status, but because of corruption ,that is impossible to attain. The population of Nigeria is currently about 187 million, yes you heard me right ,but there are more millionaires than most countries in the world. There are also more individual private jets than Airlines.Nigerians are very educated and can produce anything on earth. Five (5) yes five are currently at NASA working as scientists. Remember Zambia has a Chirwa also who designed anti crush systems for space modules which land on outer surfaces ,and when he came Zambia he was arrested instead for booking himself in a relatively posh accommodation. There are many mansions in Nigeria than most European countries. This is a good lesson for Zambia that corruption eats the dignity of the nation. Compare a villager’s hut I the village with your chicken run., in a country whose population is 14 million,and you have copper, cobalt, gold,diamonds, emeralds and other precious minerals.A poor Soli or Lenje cousin keeps replacing grass on his hut year in and year out,sleeping with his chickens on eggs until he dies. I suggested to them why not use fine grass from Barotseland and thatch your roof nicely but usually opt for elephant grass which rots and blown by wind always.
    Sadly you will recall that a Zimbabwean who designed a copter which can use five different types of fuel was whisked away by USA and is in California as we speak. Africa our black continent is full of amazing occurrences.


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