I’m old enough to remember when the idea that Donald Trump would declare himself God Emperor was a joke. And yes, it’s still a joke. Just not the funny ha-ha kind.

On Wednesday alone, Donald Trump first tweeted a quote in which he was described as the “King of Israel” and “the second coming of God.” Which seems like it would be enough maximum-scale delusions of grandeur for anyone on a single day, especially when it was given a boost by Trump’s claim that American Jews who didn’t support him were “deeply disloyal.”

However, it turns out that Trump wasn’t done. Standing on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday afternoon, Trump set out to explain why he, and only he, can solve the trade war with China. And no. The answer was not “because I created this trade war out of my own fundamental misunderstandings of economics and finally recognize that the American consumer is shelling out billions to defend my fragile ego.”

Instead Trump looked to the sky and declared “I am the chosen one.”

Seriously, if we could just skip to the part where Donald Trump either announces a jobs program in the form of building a pyramid on the National Mall, or just turns into a giant sandworm, that would be so helpful.



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