By Alexander Nkosi

Last night I slept late, I was thinking about the overwhelming endorsement the President got from all Zambian students through their national representatives.

The opposition has promised to provide free education from grade one to university and to reintroduce and increase meal allowances for all tertiary students.

Government says it is not feasible to offer free education from grade 1 to university but instead promises to make incremental improvement to the education sector starting with infrastructure before touching other key aspects. Government further abolished meal allowance and expanded the loan scheme beyond UNZA and CBU.

Zambian students through their leaders overwhelming endorsed the President not only as PF President but also as Republican President come August. The intelligent, articulate and focused national students’ leader was very clear with what Zambian students want. Students have spoken and we have to accept their decision.

The question is why not the other option? Why are Zambians overwhelmingly endorsing the ruling party? The atmosphere of continuity is overwhelmingly dominant to that of change. Think tanks should conduct a study on this. Anyway, I will wait for this research because if I share what I think, some people will accuse me of being biased.

Have a blessed day comrades!


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