Hon. Dr. Brian Mushimba



NEWLY appointed Minister of Higher Education Brian Mushimba has directed University of Zambia (UNZA) to allow all students owing the institution fees to write their examinations unhindered.

And Hon. Mushimba who is also Kankoyo lawmaker is reportef to have been disturbed when learnt that as a matter of policy, UNZA bars students with arrears from sitting for exams until a significant amount is paid towards what they owe to the Institution.

According to the source who was in the meeting, the Minister was visibly upset and wondered how UNZA Management would let the students come this far only to stop them from sitting for exams and which he described as amounting to wasting an entire academic year.

Dr Mushimba has since instructed instructed that all students be allowed to sit for exams and deal with arrears at the point of results collection.

And the Minister cautioned all institutions of high learning to avoid implementing policies that agitate both students and parents alike in this challenging economic situation.

The Minister advised managements to familiarize themselves with the PF manifesto and remember that PF is a pro poor Govt and working at making education accessible and affordable for all.

To this effect, all students will now be allowed to sit for their exams.

The Nation now awaits Minister Mushimba’s assurance on CBU reopening, last week the Minister took to Twitter and thanked the President for moving him to a different Ministry and pledged to reopen CBU as a matter of priority in a tweet.


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