United Party for National Development (UPND)Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka has warned that any UPND Member of Parliament that talks to Dr. Edgar Lungu will be disciplined.

Earlier today, UPND members of Parliament for Kapiri Mposhi and Mumbwa constituencies, Hon Stanley Kakubo and Hon Credo Nanjuwa respectively attend the launch of improved rural connectivity project where they knelt before Dr. Lungu.

But the UPND leadership say this is tantamount to indiscipline and all those in the picture would be dealt with firmly soon.





  1. Don t be antagonist against them. Just establish why they did that. Remember there is a bigger problem of the ECL constitution amendment coming and we need unit of purpose.

  2. The silly coments and writings on on the beating up of Hon Lubinda are very unfortunate. The people doing this are forgetting that this could happen to anybody and should not excite those seeking power. Let us treat it as a criminal act against a fellow countryman and the police must treat it as such.


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