State House Refutes Reports That President Lungu Funded Rwandan Organisation To Cause Strife

State House has refuted local and international media reports that suggest that President Edgar Lungu provided financial resources to a named Rwandan organisation to launch attacks in Rwanda.

President Lungu’s press aide Mr Isaac Chipampe stated this evening that the allegations were false and that they should be treated with the contempt they deserved.

“State House has noted with great dismay reports in the local and international media of the alleged submissions made to Rwanda’s High Court for International and Cross-border Crimes that His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia allegedly provided financial resources to a named Rwandan organization to launch attacks in Rwanda,” Mr Chipampe stated.

“State House would like to categorically refute these claims and wishes to state unequivocally that these allegations are false and must be treated with the contempt they deserve.”

He added that government, people of Zambia and Rwanda continued to enjoy strong and fraternal relations founded on mutual respect and a common purpose based on shared values and principles.



  1. The denial should be sent to the publications that have carried the report. The allegation has been made by someone who carries a passport. Does his passport shiw that he has been to Zambia? Wht was he doing in Zambia if he has been here? This can be easily verified.

  2. If it false involve INTERPOL in Zambia we have Zicta I believe even in that country this person can be traced. Let it not die the way it happened to seer 1 reports. Before those in Pf loose interest.

  3. As at now no one can trust this leadership. Look at the way you treating your own people in the country. All Zambians are giving in a benefit of doubts because of the merciless heart.

  4. No smoke without fire. Who in his right mind can believe what comes out of state house? Why did they mention Zambian president out of all African president

  5. What is this denial about? The allegations were made in a Rwandan court as evidence. To whom is State House addressing their denial? ECL has turned State House into a club for international crooks of all sorts without counting the cost to himself and to Zambia`s national interest. When you frequent the company of criminals you are likely to be implicated in criminal activities. Maybe ECL does not know Kagame well. Let him do some background search. Kagame is more discreet, more efficient and more prudent than seer 1.

  6. The state hose defense is very weak. It is not supported with any facts. As far as I am concerned the accusations tally with PF behavior and characteristics. If Zambia is to redeem itself in the eyes of Rwanda and the international community we have to conduct an investigation or inquiry to prove these allegations true or false.

  7. No issue blown out in court of law is taken as a lie. Let the one mention since he is a lawyer and president go and justify in Rwandan Courts. Bakamba mwatuletelela. Thats why so many bad happenings because you know what you are doing in secrecy.

  8. mmmmmm! Two foreign nationals X and Y incorporated company D in Zambia. Company D held bank accounts with bank B. Mr. X requested the bank to amend his name, date of birth and nationality. Upon receipt of this request, the bank performed customer due diligence and adverse information on the new credentials was revealed. The new name was linked to a terrorist group in Country Q within Africa. Mr. X made multiple
    forex purchases using his company account to fund his travel from Zambia to the African Country where terrorist activities are rampant. The forex purchases by Mr. X were suspected to be funding terrorist activities in Country Q:


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