Joseph Chishala

For Immediate Release
Copperbelt Luanshya 08:04:21
The Roan Member of parliament Honourable Joseph Chishala who is also National Democratic Congress (NDC) party Chairperson Incharge of Labour took time to visit his constituents and flagged off campaigns ahead of the countries general elections scheduled for August 12,2021.

During the visitation the Roan Member of parliament told his people that NDC is in Alliance with the UPND and other opposition political parties hence come August 12,2021 is standing on UPND Alliance ticket once adopted.

Opposition Alliance is not new to anyone, said the Roan lawmaker. NDC has been in Alliance with other opposition political parties for three years now.

For the past three years we have been having meetings with other political parties and this time around it was agreed 100% that our Presidential candidate is President Hakahinde Hichilema and am here to tell you today that Bally Shall FIX IT. Chishala said.

During the visitation the Roan lawmaker told the constituents that any day from now he will be officially handing over a tractor to the constituency which was purchased using Constituency Development Funds and also officially hand over the Genset which he bought for Roan general hospital.
During the visitation the Roan lawmaker was taken to a community school which has more than 70 pupils.

Honourable Chishala has pledged to build a three by two unit block class room for the community school and has also pledged to donate school desks. The Roan MP also assured the pupils that he will immediately engage a tailor in the Constituency so that he does some face masks for the pupils as he noticed that none of the pupils was putting on a face mask, though social distancing was being observed.

Lastly the Roan Member of parliament has promised to hold meetings in each and every ward of Roan Constituency to tell the people how Bally will FIX IT.
During the visit the Roan Member of parliament was accompanied by NDC Luanshya District and Constituency officials.

Erasmus Chipulu and Howard Mwaba was also part of the entourage.
Issued by: Kirby Kaoma Musonda THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (NDC) Deputy Media Director


  1. It is very very important for the Roan law maker to do a lot of explaining to the general electorate within Roan and Mpatamato as to why he was not visiting the electorate from the time he was elected. He should also why as alliance member he supported Bill 10 initially only to stop working with the PF on Bill 10 at the last moment.
    If he was use4d by Kambwili’s desire to get back to PF against his will, the people will understand. But if he does not make a proper explanation, i am afraid things will not be good for the alliance because overtones on the ground are not good for Chishala for abandoning the electorate. I would like the alliance to win but Chishala and Bally will have to convince people.


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