My name is Duba Sakala, 42 years old and am HIV +. And I see jaws I tested HIV + in 2001 when I was engaged to be married.

My then fiance tested negative as we had a non sexual relationship (we wanted to wait till we were married). Well, he since left me but that’s a story for another day.

I have had TB three times and meningitis two times. The worst was cryptoccocal (sp) meningitis which almost took my life in 2005. Luckily enough, ARVs had been introduced and I was commenced on treatment.

Am currently undetectable though I still have challenges with my CD4 count. Why am I sharing this? Am sharing this because I want people out there to know that HIV is not a death sentence anymore.

And that with early detection and early treatment you can live a happy and healthy lifestyle. I started keeping fit in 2010 after my then Doctor (the late Dr Mwanza) told me I had gained too much weight for my height.


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