LUSAKA – 19/08/19

Choma central UPND Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa has denied being part of the beneficiaries of plots in the controversial Forest 27 as indicated in documents produced by NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili this morning.

And 6 UPND MPs have refuted media social media claims that they have accepted to work with the Patriotic Front in delivering Constitutional Amendment Bill number 10 after being given huge sums of money.

Addressing the media this afternoon, Mr.Mweetwa said he is not aware of any such land neither has he got anything to do with land under contestation in the said forest reserve.

He said he is not in receipt of any land offer in the said forest reserve from the ministry of land and wondered how the ministry could offer him land which he has accepted through a service charge payment.

“I have not received any offer of land from the ministry of lands.But it is most unfortunate for people to go out in public and defame others on issues they don’t understand. For those of us who are elected,we carry a bigger responsibility from our people.And to be named in such a scam and distributing a list is unfortunate. But I understand Zambian politics.We have to be tolerant.There is too much propaganda from people wanting to win cheap political mileage.If we are to start going to court for every defamation, how many court cases are we going to pull out,” he said.

Mr.Mweetwa called on individuals bent at maligning others to first place their house in order as politics is of a higher calling hence the need to being factual and truthful on things being told to people.

“I would like all those citizens who were distressed at realising that some of their own people who have stood to defend the will of the people,to defend the fight against corruption and also trying to fight individuals who want to benefit as a clique at the detriment of the nation can take solace in knowing that am not part of the said land and this for me is a closed matter,” the Choma lawmaker added.

Meanwhile,Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament,Stanley Kakubo says none of the UPND MPs are for sale as they all owe their allegiance to the Zambian people and their position on the constitutional amendment bill is very clear.

Mr.Kakubo said the UPND stands shoulder to shoulder with the Zambian people and no amount of propaganda should suggest that the MPs will be swayed from that position.

He said it was the UPND members of Parliament that collectively walked out of the house when the bill was introduced on the last day of the last sitting as a united team without anyone remaining behind.

“We are resolute in our position and we are not going to be swayed.We are the same lawmakers that white washed the Patriotic Front in Katuba and why should we today stand up to side with the PF.We the UPND MPs wish to assure the nation that we are not in support of this bill and we are encouraging other MPs especially independents and the PF to be on the same side as the Zambian people.This is our official position and nothing will sway us,” he added.

And Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo says the propaganda on the bill is merely aimed at swaying public debate from issues of hunger,high prices of commodities,poor governance record,FIC report and the mysterious 48 houses.

Mr Nkombo said no amount of propaganda will sway public opinion on the failed PF leadership and called on Zambians not to mistrust the UPND MPs as they stand with them in fighting evil vices in the country.

6 UPND MPs which include Gary Nkombo,Jack Mwiimbu,Cornelius Mweetwa,Stanley Kakubo,Credo Nanjuwa and Herbert Shabula were over the weekend said to have collected a 100,000 dollars each from the PF to support the constitutional amendment bill number 10.



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