Am sorry to Edith Nawakwi.Please Forgive me- Erick Nga’andu it was the Davil which was using me

I would like to tender a public apology to the FDD leader Edith Nawakwi and the entire Legana company over the claims that her products have condoms.

I want to put it in public that this issue did not start with me but with Luyando Kopakopa who happens in be someone I know. It is from her where I learnt of all the things said about Legana sausage and I thought her claims were true.

Am a police officer by profession and my work does not allow me to lie. From the bottom of my heart, I was not part of those claims but I must admit that I just believed Luyando.

Please madam, find it in your heart to forgive me for being part of those that spread the allegations about your produce.

I know this has cost your brand a reputation but I believe my apology will start to help put things in perspective. I want to state that I will be available to help in court should you need my help to put things in the right perspective. Am saying this because I have been informed that am also one of those whom you have sued for criminal defamation.

Erick Ng’andu

SOURCE: The Kwacha Times






  1. It is really sad if people can go to such extents to destroy other peoples businesses for whatever reasons on this earth but based complete package of lies. He/ she must be jailed for life. I failed to eat my sausages and slept on an empty stomach and yet there were a bag full of lies.


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