FILE PICTURE: Zambia's opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President, Chilufya Tayali, currently in court over Facebook posting

By the fact that Ambassador Nelson openly pledged to support the Socialist Party, he became partisan and therefore compromised his position as a diplomat who is not supposed to side with any political party in this Country.

Critical thinking and objectivity is something that lacks in most politicians opinion setters and general public, in our Country. Most of the times, we discuss issues from a subjective point of view. It is about what tests good to us, not objectivity.

I have seen a number of people bringing up the issue of former US and UK envoys attending the PF convention, making an argument that it is wrong for President Lungu to expel the Cuban Ambassador, because RB never expelled the duo.

I think we are missing a point, President Lungu did not expel this Nelson Pages Vilas for attending the Socialist Party launch, but for the statement he made, that he will support the party. He should not have said that.

The ambassadors that attended the PF convention were very careful with what they said at that function. I remember the US envoy, Mark Storella, saying that, he was happy to witness to democratic processes, because the PF had a convention to choose their leaders in a democratic manner.

Mind you, this is not the first time that an ambassador has attended a party function in President Lungu’s rule, and NONE has been expelled. HH has been having open interactions with different Ambassadors, with pictures posted on social media, but none has been expelled.

The issue is really about openly pledging support, and not just attending. His statement, makes it difficult even for other political parties, like ourselves (EEP), to engage Ambassador Nelson because we know the man is part of the Socialist Party. Therefore, it is only right that he goes.

Imagine if he said he is supporting the PF, as a party, not Govt, we would have been up in arms against him, but because it is opposition, he is okay.

Let us be objective and fair in our criticisms to President Lungu, otherwise some other political leaders would be worse, judging from their intolerance, including Fred M’membe, who does not seem to compromise, for a greater good or for the sake of others.

If Fred M’membe, was a prudent or tolerant man, the more than 2700 workers would still be in employment today, but because he is so egocentric, he let The Post destroyed by Edgar Lungu, something I condemn him (Edgar) for.

The point I am making is that, at times you have to consider others, even if you may be right, but you let go for the sake of others that may be affected adversely. Fred M’membe and Hakainde Hichilema are not tolerant, so let us not vilify Edgar Chagwa Lungu as the worst. Of course he is not the best, otherwise I would not be vying for Presidency.





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