Charles Milupi

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi says it will not be surprising to hear of arrests and summoning of former State House spokesperson Amos Chanda now that he has left public office.

And Milupi says Chanda now has an opportunity to come clean and reveal all the corruption in the PF government.

In an interview, Monday, Milupi said now that the power Chanda “arrogantly” exercised in State House has been taken away from him, he should not be surprised to hear of court cases and arrests against him because it is in the PF’s tradition to always wash their dirty linen of anyone who had parted ways with them in public.

“Chanda’s exist shows that there is no honor among thieves and I think he’s beginning to realize that when you exercise someone’s power as if it’s your own power, there comes a time when that power is taken away from you. Now, the power that he (Amos) arrogantly exercised in State House obviously has been taken away and he will know that in the PF, once you leave them, that’s when all the wrong things that you have done come out in the open. So, I will not be surprised to hear of court cases, arrests and all sorts of things against Mr Chanda,” Milupi said.

He said Chanda, during his time as presidential spokesperson, defended every act of the President and at times behaved like “he was President himself”.

“Mr Amos Chanda really played his part in whatever is going on in PF. Mr Chanda was more than the face of the President because he did everything he could to keep the President away from the people. He was an apologist for the President whenever the Head of State said something bad and he was behaving as if it was he that was President himself. And because of that, you could detect a certain amount of arrogance in him. For the first time ever, we saw a civil servant picking quarrels with politicians,” Milupi said. “There are some audios about him and Mr Chishimba Kambwili [exchanging words]. I think you also remember that Mr Amos Chanda was at some point in court and he had to be served by a nolle prosequi…for whatever reason, he was bold enough because of his arrogance to refer to me as lunatic! So, when you have a civil servant behaving in such an arrogant manner, then you will know that there is something upon which he’s leaning.”

He said Chanda’s statement about his resignation did not make sense.

“…Now, coming to why has he resigned, it is not good for us to attempt to speculate, except to say, when you are at the centre of things, it’s unusual for him to resign in the manner that he did because even his resignation statement, he was just waffling. He didn’t say anything. Nobody resigns from a high-profile job like that unless they have sat down to plan exactly what they are going to do. If he came out to say: ‘look, I have an opportunity in the private sector so I am tendering my resignation,’ you would understand that someone has thought about it… but what he did was unusual,” Milupi said. “Nobody has ever said: ‘I am leaving this job because I am going to be reappointed over there.’ So, his statement was just of waffling and waffling! And when one of the reporters asked him what he would remember the President for, I heard him say: ‘well, this President was able to go to Chainama and sit down with the patients…’ what was that all about? Does he mean that is Mr Lungu’s greatest achievement? So, what Mr Chanda gave was a waffling statement.”

And Milupi said Chanda now has an opportunity to come clean and reveal all the corruption being perpetuated by the PF government.

“It’s difficult to say what his resignation means for this country because other bad elements are still in government. He was a bad element himself, but he has gone away; he can serve this country now by coming out in the open and telling us all the wrong things, which the people he has left are up to, especially in as far as corruption is involved. He knows which deals have been happening and where the money is; he knows who is the corrupter and who has been doing the corruption because at the moment, we are focusing on those who have been corrupted, but we must also focus on those that have been corrupting because those are the ones who have made a lot more money,” said Milupi.


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