Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda - Special assistant to the president for press and public relations


By James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku –
RPP President


We are calling for a thorough property audit of Ibex Hill affluent residential area where Amos Chanda and Tasila Lungu have heavily invested in real estate.

Plumbers, Break layers, painters, building sand and stone suppliers and construction companies are giving us information.

You can’t hide, you will not hide and you will not concil these properties because we already have the information.

Property ownership is not a crime but it must tally with expected income of an individual.

People whose TPIN at ZRA indicates zero tax contribution are owning multi-million dollar worth properties, and we can wonder how they generated income to construct properties worth millions, without doing any business that paid any tax.

We demand for Tasila and Amos Chanda to publish their tax schedule to justify their income to afford those properties in Ibex Hill.

By the way, where is Amos Chanda?

We are not talking about the entire Ibex Hill. We mean the new Ibex Hill opposite the leopards hill memorial Park enroute ZAF Twin Palm as you connect Bauleni. There is a new affluent residential area there that must be audited to determine the owners and their sources of income and Tax schedules.

Whereas there are no proper roads in Kanyama, Masala, and Chimwemwe which are old residential areas, this new Ibex piece has water supply connected from the city council grid and first class tarred roads and first class engineer quality drainages.

Somebody somewhere somehow was directing and instructing the govt to channel this particular quality construction work to this residence as a matter of favourity and priority.

Another site under spotlight for investigation is an area opposite state house along the president’s lane. Who is the owner of those highrise buildings there.

No wonder you want to shift statehouse because you have compromised that area.

I hereby invite the press to accompany me tomorrow as I take a formal petition to ACC to conduct a property audit of Ibex Hill tomorrow.

To live is to die and to die is to live.

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
RPP President.



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