Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda - Special assistant to the president for press and public relations

Amos Chanda, Press aide to President Lungu, is one of the civil servants given a license to openly participate in partisan politics by the Secretary to the Cabinet contrally to the civil service general orders. On 04 March 2017 using his license, Chanda held a press conference at State House where he castigated the UPND leadership for allegedly misleading the Commonwealth team over the August 2017 elections.

During the conference that was part of the continued PF’s propaganda process of soliciting for the sacrament of legitimacy following the widely disputed August 2017 elections, Chanda acting as President Lungu’s Vuvuzela, emphasised that there is no court case that is challenging the elections pending in courts of Zambia.

I present the following series of questions to Chanda concerning the August fraudulent elections. He must address them next time he chooses to hold another such press conference and his answers will prove whether the UPND has a case or not.

1. ECZ promised to avail the public all the election results within 48 hours. Why did it take agonisingly longer than this? Wasn’t this delay meant to facilitate for fraud?

2. What was the renowned Ugandan IT criminal under a Malawian name of Chavula doing in the restricted election results room and where is he now after being arrested by the compromised Zambia Police? Who was responsible for Chavula’s accreditation?

3. Why didn’t ECZ issue form 72 (on which all stakeholders sign to authenticate the results) in most election centres in Lusaka and the Copperbelt? Can elections be credible without this form?

4. If you and your Boss ECL are staunch Christians as you claim, can you avail us the real reason why Mwaliteta and colleagues were arrested and why they are still languishing in prison while the real criminals are protected and freely enjoying life?

5. Why was Judge Chuulu caught on several occasions announcing wrong election results in favour of the PF?

6. Why is there mass resignation of senior Officers at ECZ within a period of less than six months after the fraudulent elections? Is this trend normal considering that said Officers are supposed to be key witnesses in the election petition?

7. Why didn’t ECL vacate the Presidential seat in accordance with the law following the election petition?

8. Why wasn’t the election petitioners given chance to be heard?

9. Several UPND supporters in Lusaka were killed and many were brutalised and maimed by either the PF cadres or the Zambia Police during the run up to the elections. Why didn’t the compromised Zambia Police arrest the culprits and prosecute them?

10. The ConCourt ruled that it was illegal for the PF Ministers to have remained in ministerial positions as they had an unfair advantage over others by illegally accessing taxpayers’ money. Why didn’t ECZ nullify the parliamentary positions of all those ministers involved?

Since 2011 when the PF was voted into power, it has made lies, deception and illegalities the hallmarks of governance. I therefore wish to remind Chanda who has also assumed the position PF spokesperson of the old adage ‘’you can cheat some people sometimes but you cannot cheat all the people all the times”. Most of all you cannot cheat God at all because he is ever alive and aware of whatever one does whether in daylight or in darkness.

In responding to the above questions, Chanda should therefore be aware that God knows the truth and hence only the truth can set him and his beloved ECL free.
Shimika tumfwe Shi Chanda wesu.

By Mwansa Mushimba


  1. It’s not a surprise for us in the UPND to see people like Amos Chanda defending Edgar lungu in the name of attacking HH all the time and trying keep up his job, just by his language you can tell he is a PF cadre who is working for PF and not the majority Zambians, if in ECZ, JUDICIARY, ZAMBIA POLICE SERVICE and other government institutions are filled up with PF cadres you think state house can be spared??

  2. Day one, this country shall be divided. The causer is and shall be edgar chagwa lungu. Kk united the people of Zambia, Frederick tj chiluba did as well united the people of Zambia, levy mwanawasa did also unite the people of Zambia.
    There came Rupiah banda and now edgar chagwa lungu, there are the ones who has brought the division of Zambia.
    In the Zambia army, it’s also divided on tribal lines. Northerners and easterners group together.
    Southerners, North Westerners, westerners and central Zambia they also group together.
    I’m an ex army officer and this situation never existed in the army. Come what may Zambia shall be divided because of edgar chagwa lungu who has wrong advisers like Robert mugabe, museven and Rupiah Banda.
    For own as advise mr. Edgar chagwa lungu, let northern and eastern rhodesia be on there own. And let southern, western, NorthWestern and central to be a country on its own.
    Mr.edgar chagwa lungu, be very careful with what you are doing.
    The truth is, you are not a president of southern, NorthWestern, western and centra rhodesia.


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