A TEENAGE girl who is taking care of her critically-ill brother in the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) says she will not abandon him despite other relatives doing so.

Given Selwa 18, has been spending nights at her bother’s bed side since April.

Given’s brother, Jonathan, 23, is suffering from pneumonia and currently needs a ventilator to aid his breathing.

Jonathan’s condition was allegedly wrongly diagnosed at Chipata Level-One Hospital and he had been placed on treatment for tuberculosis for six months but there was no change.

However, investigations carried out at UTH revealed that Jonathan was not suffering from TB, but pneumonia.

Given now has to live at UTH, making trips to her home for a change of clothes and to do laundry, but only when she has money for transport.

She is now appealing for help from well-wishers to help in their plight.

Given said none of her relatives have been to visit Jonathan.

When asked why, she replied, “Because they simply do not care.”

Given said their parents died a long time ago and that the only other relative they can rely on is another sister who offered Jonathan a place to stay.

“She used to visit but was asked to stop by health personnel here because she is pregnant. Since then, she has not visited. The biggest challenge we have is finances. It is extremely difficult. I have to be here everyday with my brother. I cannot do anything else,” she said.

Given is happy that Jonathan seems to be doing :ine despite being on the oxygen machine to help with his breathing.

“We have been told that he will be better although his lungs were badly damaged. He is on antibiotics, so i am optimistic he will be back on his feet soon. For now, we will co tinue waiting for him to get better,” she said.

Given herself had to abandon school despite qualifying to grade 10 because she did not have sponsorship.

Jonathan said though they have relatives in Lusaka, who also know about his condition, no-one has been to visit him.

He solely depends on his sister for everything.

“I am appealing to well-wishers for both material and financial assistance for me and my sister. Right now, our survival is dependent on donations from Good Samaritans from UTH because we have no source of income for certain things that might need,” he said.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail



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