When I came in,I had 13 days before playing the first World Cup qualifier against the Great super Eagles.We lost 2-1. A week later we travelled to Cameroon and drew 1-1, A game we controlled and the referee gave a fake penalty to the hosts.

I changed the whole team and made my new team.We played Algeria the number 1 rated in Africa and beat them 3-1 at home and 1-0 three days later in Algeria. And our chances to qualify to first world cup were open.

Nigeria stole our game in Nigeria and my team Came out second in the the group of death consisting of Algeria, Nigeria and and Cameroon. If this was Africa qualifier like today it means we’re through.

But this man has failed to qualify to afcon in a group consisting of Namibia ,Mozambique and Guinea.What an insult to my intelligence.

Having belt a very good side and the future looking clear only to be hated and treated like an outcast by my own.Just because I’m same color they preferred a light skin.

While doing all these good things I was not being paid. I stayed 9 months without salary. And still going through their media attacks. Ask them if this white boy has been skipped payment of any salary or allowances. Shame on us Shame Shame Shame.



  1. The challenge we’ve majority of us Africans especially Zambians is the syndrome of jealous and pull him down. Inferiority complex is destroying us. We should learn to appreciate and support each other and give room for improvement and nurturing.

    We are good at praising and appreciating the dead.


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