LEFT – RIGHT: Sylvester Inambao Kalima (56), Likando Pelekelo (63) and Afumba Mombotwa (59); Barotse political prisoners incarcerated in Zambian jails since December 5th 2014 for advocating Barotse people’s rights to self-determination.

By Kakuhu Like
20th December,2018

We had this interview two months ago, for certain reasons we kept it wrapped, but as we promised, here is the interview…


INTEL REPORTER: Your Excellence, we heard from you just after the Supreme Court of Zambia, sitting at Ndola, behaved like the High Court for Zambia by unjustly keeping you in prison for nothing. You told us, and the people of Barotseland, Zambia and the whole world that you are not shaken, but for now, what other message of encouragement do you have for the people?

HIS EXCELLENCE- AFUMBA: Just as we said last time, there is no any other new message apart from the one we have given. The same position we held before the 2012 BNC, at the BNC, and after that till this very day still stands as the heavens stand. Even if we died today, our position never changes. Let all the sons and daughters of Lewanika stand for the truth and what is theirs and we guarantee you, you shall never be disappointed. In fact, do you know that these crooked Zambians have put us here in order to threaten you out there in order to prevent you from fighting for what is yours? We are an example according to them, in order to deter the would be offenders! And who are the would be offenders apart from every Lozi in Barotseland? But be assured that this intimidation of Barotse citizens who are standing up for the right and claim what is rightly theirs will not help Zambians but rather worsen their situation. So us here, we are fine but they will not be free. This is not cheap politicking that Lungu is doing in with his friends in Zambia, this is something big that will put Zambians in trouble for we are not alone!

INTEL REPORTER: Well answered your Excellence. It is said by others, that you are just suffering here for nothing and some seem to support the Zambian Courts that you should have rescinded your position and get your freedom, what is your response?

HIS EXCELLENCE – AFUMBA: That is wishful dreaming!

Those who think like that are seriously deluded and we cannot entertain them at this late hour, late time shame them. We mean business and our allies mean business. We are not policking, no. Those politicians from Zambia parroting lies in a bid to prevent the Self-determination of Barotseland are but wasting their time. We know Zambian State Agents are very busy trying all means to unsettle the confidence of Barotseland in what we started but it is too late. Why? Because all requirements for Statehood were submitted to relevant World Organizations and even when Lungu arrested us, we had finished all what was required and that’s why we have the support of people who know the legal implications of the Barotseland question. That fact that it has reached to this date without having completely achieved our Free Barotseland, has nothing to do with us, but with our partners who needed to put things in order here and there and we know the pace, and hence we tell you all time that your Barotseland is coming and Lungu with all of his GRZ friends will watch it happening.

At this point in time, the world needs true men and women who can neither be sold or bought but who will stand for truth and right though they be killed. It is unfortunate that you have many corrupt leaders everyone you turn but that should not discourage those that are principled in every sphere of life.

INTEL REPORTER: Your Excellence, what do you say of Edwin Lubosi Imwiko as Litunga of Barotseland, it was actually reported that he had a hand in your jailing?

HIS EXCELLENCE – AFUMBA: You have done well to ask that, so that we can clear one misconception. The Litunga is a human being like any other person who can form his own opinions, either from himself or from what goes on around. Efforts have been made to create enemity between Linyungandambo and the Litunga, and false accusations have been advanced in order for the enemy to divide and rule. Kaunda’s tactics have been used to create divisions among us.
But as a visionary organization, Linyungandambo has overlooked personal vendettas and concentrated on the bigger picture which is to totally save Barotseland from annexation and black-to-black colonial rule. Our aim is well known and accepted world wide. We aim to save the Litungaship from foreign wolves who are determined to vanish the Barotse Mornach and the Barotse Traditional Authority. We aim to save Barotseland and to emancipate from this seemingly perpetual servitude and poverty. Why should Barotseland suffer when we have enough to even give out to the world? You see, our vision has nothing to do with these that want to fatten their stomachs and make names, no. Hence we are determined to only retire when Barotseland is free, that’s what we exist for and God is with us. We have no grudges with His Majesty, he is the the Head of State for Barotseland and when we told Zambians that I swore an oath giving allegiance to the Litunga of Barotseland, as the Head of State, it became blow to them because they have always wanted to enslave the Litungaship under their rule, instead of the Litunga being who he should be and knowing the influence and power the Litungaship will have in the world that becomes a thorn in the Zambian flesh. What people should know or the person occupying the office or throne of the Litungaship is that Zambia, has it has been Kaunda’s wicked move, is to abolish the Royal Authority in Barotseland by whatever means. So our interest is to save the Litungaship, the Royal Authority and Barotseland from this sickness.

INTEL REPORTER: Your Excellence, there is worry among BRE and the people of Barotseland that Barotseland has no capacity to rule herself so these cries for self determination will just empoverish the province should Barotseland gain her total independence. What is your take on this?

HIS EXCELLENCE – AFUMBA: Can you believe that yourself? Barotse Nationals should use their intelligence to know that such are strategies the enemy is using in order to make Barotseland live in perpetual bondage. If they, (Zambians), having nothing save for dwindling copper, can run a country, what about fresh Barotseland with all what is in there? We have what it takes to run Barotseland and make it a prosperous country in Africa. Find our Blueprint, share with the Royal Authority our package and let them see and know that they are just suffering in Zambia and they will remain beggers like that and it shall not be normal or sensible in any way for those who are rich to remain beggers! God has deposited wealth in Barotseland and for our parents at Namuso and the rest of the people to continue in gross poverty like it would be failing to use our God-given intelligence. It is an issult to ourselves and a shame to the world!

INTEL REPORTER: Your Excellence, we loved to hear more, but these people are coming to chase us. We hope to hear more next time. Your message to the lovely people of the kingdom of Barotseland who love you so much?

HIS EXCELLENCE – AFUMBA: We love them so much and let them not get tired or discouraged, free is at the door. Greetings to Namuso and all our Highnesses and Barotseland over.


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