An extreme Brazilian bodybuilder turned himself into a real life Hulk after injecting mineral oil directly into his muscles for nine months, but decided to abandon the dangerous addiction when he became a father.

Romario Dos Santos Alves pumped iron for years, but the toned body he dreamt of always eluded him. So the desperate bodybuilder turned to oil injection to boost his muscle growth. The addiction lasted for a year, at which point he began to develop health problems and others became alarmed by his size.

Romario’s wife was so worried by his habit that she threatened to leave him if he didn’t lay off the unnatural jabs. But the muscle man didn’t kick the boosters until he discovered that he was going to become a father. “When I discovered that my wife was pregnant with our first son – this was when I decided to stop for good,” he said.

The young dad chose his family over his addiction five years ago, and has managed to stay jab-free ever since.

And he is more than happy to return to a normal lifestyle, having rid his body of the experimental substances which could have severely damaged his muscles, or even killed him, had he continued the injections.


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 hulk before
hulk before


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