IN view of the riots experienced in Lusaka yesterday, 13th February, 2020, we wish to state that cases of public disorder have reduced and officers are still on the ground monitoring the situation. However, Police are still receiving isolated reports of Malicious Administering of Poison with intent to cause harm (chemical spraying) in various townships and compounds of Lusaka.

As from 17 00 hours yesterday, 13th February, 2020 to today 14th February, 2020, Police recorded the following notable incidences:

In Chazanga and Chipwalu area, Police recorded riots yesterday between 17 00 hours and 18 00 hours where a mob mobilized and damaged Chipwalu Police Post and injured three police officers who were on duty. Police in the area called for re-enforcement and managed to quell the riots. One death was recorded and police await postmortem to be conducted to ascertain the cause of death.

In Matero, police received a report around 01 00 hours that unknown criminals had sprayed unknown chemical substance on students from Eden University at their boarding house located near the University in Balarstone area. 11 students are reported to have been treated as out – patients at Matero Level one Hospital.

In Lusaka’s Chibolya Compound, an identified male adult was killed and the body burnt by a mob on suspicion that he was a thief and behind the spraying of chemical substances. The body has been picked and investigations have been instituted.

In Chongwe, police received a report of suspected Chemical spraying around 0300 hours involving five female students who were sleeping in the same room and were chocked.

Officers who visited the scene found a brazier in the room and on it was a pot containing food which was being prepared. It is suspected that the students could have been affected by Carbon Monoxide emanating from the charcoal however investigations have been instituted in the matter.

In the MTN reported case in which a substance suspected to be Petrol was discovered poured on the first floor, police have arrested three suspects who are currently detained in Police Custody and investigations have continued.

We continue appealing to members of the public to remain calm and allow the police to conclude investigations in the cases of malicious administering of chemical substance on members of the public.

We further appeal to them not to take the law in their hands by descending on suspects but should apprehend such people and surrender them to police.
We assure members of the public that police are doing everything possible to have suspected criminals behind this crime brought to book.





  1. But is it okay to allow Sunday Chanda and Jackson Kungo to accuse HH of being behind the gassing of people? You are calling for calm but you are allowing these 2 PF loudmouths to be accusing others without evidence. That’s hypocricy. You are saying members of the public should not be attacking people on mere suspicion that they are the culprits. But according to Sunday Chanda HH is the culprit. What evidence does he have and why have you not arrested him for spreading roamers?


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