LUSAKA’S Victoria Hospital has dragged Andrew Kamanga’s Football Association of Zambia to court for over K70, 000 it is owed in unpaid medical fees for the national soccer team.

This is contained in a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court where the hospital has sued FAZ for failing to settle medical fees for various tests carried out on 28 members of the Zambia national soccer team.

“By virtue of an oral contract entered into on or about December 23 2017, Victoria Hospital and FAZ agreed that the medical facility would provide medical services to the players and on behalf of FAZ,

“The said medical services involved the provision of thirteen tests on each of twenty-eight footballers being members of a Zambia national football team. Thirteen tests included but not limited to X-ray, full blood count, blood sugar and echo,” the statement read.

The hospital has complained that FAZ has failed to pay the money despite being presented with the bill in December 2017, including numerous reminders.

According to their demands, Victoria Medical Centre Limited, trading as Victoria Hospital, is demanding the immediate payment of K70 560 being outstanding payment for medical services provided to the national team, interest, costs and any other reliefs deemed by the court.

Meanwhile, FAZ has cancelled over K6 million worth of members’ debt and revised the league management process from 2018 following a resolution of its council held on March 31 at Government Complex in Lusaka.

FAZ communications manager Desmond Katongo confirmed the development in a statement issued to Daily Nation Sports in Lusaka. Katongo said that the implementation of the resolution by FAZ was meant to cut down clubs’ debt burdens. “We further want to inform our members that effective 2018 season, clubs will not have to wait until the end of the season for them to deal with red and yellow card
offences and fines,

“Such fines will be due for payment to FAZ within 30 days, failure to which clubs may not be allowed to play their respective matches,”
Katongo said.



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