YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe


Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe has described the recently held UPND general assembly as a sham.

Mr. Ntewewe says the convention did not meet the benchmark of the democratic principles and values as espoused in the republican constitution.

He tells q-news that while the republican constitution is very clear that political parties should practice intra-party democracy and these intra-party elections must be free, fair, credible as well as competitive, the UPND convention was not competitive.

Mr. Ntewewe says delegates went to the convention believing that they were going to elect a president only to find that the president had already gone through unopposed.

He adds that the delegates went to the convention believing that they would be electing the vice president, the secretary-general, the national chairperson and the national spokesperson, but that when they reached there, the UPND had amended the constitution giving the president more power.



  1. Now ba Lunteu nteu ntebwebwe why are you so much interested in matters that you do not understand properly and which does not affect you or your family and your YALI garden?instead of worrying about the people who have gongad the Zambian people with killer drugs to show your relevance but shamefully you are busy talking about something irrelevant that why some people like you you don’t use your common sense instead you use your common nonsense.

  2. We understand that your criminal president of PF who ascended to PF presidency by criminal means doesn’t want any competition at the PF convention if ever it will be held. Since you say the UPND convention was a sham, but never caused chaos, why don’t you advise your criminal to follow our example? At least there will be decency. Singing sham sham over the upnd convention won’t make the criminal in PF to do a better one. And I can tell for sure even b4 you hold yours that it will be a sham. And you will refuse to bet with me 1 million Kwacha bcos deep down yourself you know that those criminals in PF led by the chief criminal will conduct a sham convention, no doubt about it.

  3. Where was this idiot Ntewewe when Mr. Edgar Lungu literally pushed down people’s throats at Mungulushi by pangas and guns? To Ntewewe that was a democratic proccess. And the idiot seems not to understand electoral law. There is no law that stops canditates from winning positions unoppossed. Il

  4. Ntewewe is himself a sham.people like him are not needed in society.just eat your dirty money mr ntewewe and stick to your pf and stay in your lane.

  5. This Andrew Ntewewe ! What is wrong with his Ego ,he is always naive on whatever UPND does. I haven’t head him comment on bad vices committed by the PF regime ! I have in mind the procurement of expired drugs , the lack of drugs in our hospitals, tribalism , corruption and main other dirty vices done by the PF.Please Andrew if you want to be relevant you must examine yourself and move in the right direction because seasons are not the same. I wish you the best.

  6. Andrew just stay quiet if you have nothing to offer yali it’s self is a sham organisation.instead of addressing important issues iwe it’s just upnd.you guys will cry is August ask MMD the know better.


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