He is trying to use the law to scandalize my family

Mrs. Mwamba Kambikambi Chilangwa has expressed shock at the machinations to have her arrested on claims of property grabbing and forgery.

Reacting to media reports alleging that she is facing six counts of fraud, Mrs. Chilangwa stated that the truth will come out as Kapapa was never married to her sister.

She says Kapapa has chosen a path to maliciously scandalize and blackmail her over the estate of her late sister.

She says Kapapa was never married to her sister and he is not known to the family.

She says although the two co-habited with her sister, her sister had ended the relationship long before she died.

“Why did she he not visit her during her long illness in Mansa or UTH before she died?, “What did he provide.? She asked.

“Yes they had one child together, but does that amount to marriage?”

She has warned officers of the law not to be used in Kapapa’s appetite to defraud the estate of the her late sister.

“Is it not the same police who assisted my young sister to collect her personal belongings from Kapapa’s house? Is it not Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi who helped us and even sent officers during the funeral to ensure that Kapapa and his hordes of thugs were kept at bay, where is the analogue of events in all this?” She asked.

She says there are some men that target women for financial gains like her late sister, and take advantage of them.

She says her late sister probably fell for similar schemes but the family was happy that at the time of her death, Kapapa was exposed and was not with her.

She says if Kapapa claims he was married to her the family would be interested to see what documents he had and how much he paid and where this was paid to as this would be subject to criminal and fraud investigations.

“Why did he and his family not show up for Isambo lyamfwa after the death of the burial of my sister?” She asked.

“If it was a traditional marriage, who was the shibukombe, we want his name and how did they settle the bride price and to who?”

She says the family has since engaged a lawyer to ensure that the truth comes out and her name is cleared.

She also dismissed allegations that she was failing to look after the children of her late sister.

She says as a family they look after many people and spend a lot of money on school fees and funerals.

She says it was not possible that the family could therefore fail to look after her own sister’s children.



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