By Zambian Watch

A kabwe based women Anita Zanji might be facing arrest after her video and pictures of started circulating on social media.

According the laws of Zambia Cap 137 of section 177 (a) of the penal code chapter 87 clearly states that anyone who produces pornography shall be liable and upon conviction may be sentenced to 5 years in jail or a fine or both.

But According to Anita Zanji has told Zambian Watch in an Interview today that she is being blackmailed by unknown lusaka men who stole her phone in a club while in lusaka.

She says she was drunk in one of the clubs in Lusaka after she was invited for an interview with Simison Mwewa lane of Simison buildings last month.

Ms. Anita Zanji says her phone got stolen in lusaka and she reported the matter to woodlands police station.

“Zambian Watch, please hear me out, there is no way i can upload my n**de pictures on social media. What happened was, i was invited to do an interview in lusaka with Simison Mwewa lane. After my interview with him, i went to the lodge i had booked and after sometime i thought i can go out to drink and have a little of fun with Lusaka people and my fans” she said.

“I went out with both my two phones. I went in the club because i have no relative in Lusaka. It was at this moment that my phone was stolen inside the club. I could not find my phone and the following day i reported the matter to woodlands police” she narrated.

She says after going back to kabwe, she started recieving messages from unkown people that they wanted K60,000 or they will expose my pictures and videos in my phone on social media.

” After about two to three days also, i started recieving messages from people who have been demanding for K60,000 from me so that they should not expose my pictures on social media. I begged them to just bring my phone because there is nowhere i can get that money. But im shocked that they have uploaded my pictures and videos allover social Media. I just wish the Police will help me in this matter. They have dented my image and they must pay” she said.

But according to the laws of Zambia any person who is found with a pornographic meterial can be jailed for 5 years.


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