Medical Doctors at Kitwe Teaching Hospital are still in shock scratching their heads after a 25 year old lady who allegdly has never had s** with any man was found pregnant!

In the early morning of Thursday, 20th June 2019, Karen Bwalya woke up with body pains and decided to visit the hospital where she was advsed to take pregnancy test and that was where she got the great shock of her life. She quickly informed her boyfriend, her parents, her pastor, her brothers and other curch members who rushed to the hospital to have the first hand of the shocking news.

Karen is a respected lady both at home and church as she is believed to be a virgin, and the tests at the hospital on Friday confirmed so. She says she has never engaged herself in s**ual matters since birth, but been found pregnant with twins as really shocked her family including her church members and medical doctors. Karen, a student at CBU insists she has never had s** with any man since she was born.

But how she become pregnant when she has never slept with a man is the question that even doctors have failed to answer convicingly.

Doctors have confirmed after tests that she’s a pure virgin” but pregnant at the same time.

This s the second case involving virgin grls becomng pregnant on the Copperbelt. The first one was in Chlabombwe in February this year.

Some doctors at the hospital say its very possible for a virgin to get pregnant if one of the male family members masturbated in the bathtub and the sperms entered her while seated in it or the boyfriend must have touch her private part with his sermens on his hands.

Other doctors say it can only be possible if at all at one point she had gone for swimming.. Men do masturbate in water due to their s**ual desires when they look at a lady lustfully whilst swimming and the sperms which swims faster must have entered her private part and made her pregnant.

Doctors have now advised all male family members including her biological father, brothers and her fiance to have DNA test once the twins are born inorder to try to understand the paternity of the child and how she got pregnant.




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