Insala Kapondo (Hunger is Hunger, it can cause someone to go against his own principles)


Last Saturday, Hon. Margaret Dudu Mwanakatwe, Minister of Finance and Chairpersonfor Commerce under the Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) announced that the Zambian government has secured 1,000 job opportunities willing Zambians to work as maids anddrivers in Kuwait and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

1. Monthly salary for maids and drivers will range between K13,000 and K15,000;
2. Free accommodation;
3. Free daily food and beverages;
4. Free fully paid medical insurance;
5. Free security;
6. The job contracts are for 2 years with the possibility of a renewal.

NB: You are free to apply or ignore these opportunities as the offer is voluntary.


1. In this country, maids earn between K700 and K1, 000 as gross salary;
2. Drivers earn between K1,500 and K2,500 per month Average monthly net pay for degree holders in Zambia is K8, 000;
3. There are many Zambians abroad with degrees doing manual jobs such as streetsweeping, cargo packing, dish washers, bum wiping6, etc.


Those who are interested to apply as maids and drivers in the said countries need topay for their own visa, medical fees, police clearance and air ticket amounting toK15,000. Remember, Zambians are free to apply or ignore these opportunities as thisgovernment to government offer is voluntary.

Antonio Mwanza
PF Deputy Media-Director
Party Headquarters


  1. How many times will our Government labour inspectors visit them to see if at all they will be with such conditions if the inspectors do not even inspect locally here.
    This purely looks like human trafficking. This world can not be trusted, is known to have killed most slaves during the abolishing of slavery worse than in America except Argentina too.
    Government can not start working as a human trafficking agent when the job is to protect its people from exploitation.


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