Antonio Mwanza



My good friend Antonio in his early post today asked this question which he answered himself. In his submission, my learned comrade argues with facts that University of Zambia is responsible of taking care of it’s business including that of paying Lecturers.

With numbers he also indicates that government consistently give grants to UNZA and therefore no one MUST point a finger at the leadership of President Lungu but that we should blame the management at the institution.

Firstly I am shocked and concerned that a graduate from the University of Zambia would conclude matters in such a way.

Let me start by giving an example.

Antonio Mwanza while on Radio Phoenix last week mentioned that he has a Son 23 years of who is currently at the university of Zambia studying (This made me realise how old the PF media deputy director could be). Your Son Mr. Antonio is at UNZA because you as a parent played your part in making sure he came out of high school with good grades. Had your Son ended up a drunkard or drug dealer everyone would have blamed you as a parent. It means as a parent you have failed to do your part. This is despite you as a parent providing everything you believe your child needs.

If a girl falls pregnant outside marriage the blame goes to the mother. It does not matter at this point what kind of support the mother provided the girl or the type of Counsel she gave her child.

So who is responsible and who should be blamed for the poor leadership at the University of Zambia?

Clearly government under the leadership of President Lungu has failed to run the highest learning institution. It is up to government to ensure that the university is running properly. You don’t just give a grant and run away. The PF can not run away from the fact that the the failures at UNZA are as a result of POOR governance starting from the ministry of higher education going up. If the management is failing to run the University, government had the mandate to change the leadership and put people who are able to run the institution.

It is for the same reason that the Zambian people are changing leadership in 2021 because the PF has failed despite having every machinery to run the country properly. We pay Taxes which are always mismanaged by the POOR leadership of the PF.

Mr. Antonio you can argue this matter day and night but the fact remains the same. Your government has failed to run the University of Zambia.


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