Whether Lungu alefwaya nangula talefwaya, 2021 yena yandi kabili nimbwelela muchipani twapangile nabayashi ba Sata, GBM told Major Richard Kachingwe this evening.

And the former UPND Vice president Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba adds that even an ordinary PF member has a right to challenge President Edgar Lungu at the convention and that he will do so.

Mwamba says now is time for him to take over the party that President Micheal Sata left.

Meanwhile the former Kasama central MP says he is aware of the PF Secretary General Davis Mwila’s hatred for him but that he will teach him a lesson.

This evening when Lungu was asked whether he had forgiven and welcomed GBM to PF, the President only said he needs details.

But we can disclose that at the time of releasing the 50 million dollars to purchase GBM from UPND, he actually did not know that GBM was eyeing the PF presidency.

Lungu only opened his eyes after this news organisation disclosed that there is a team of the Luapula United power hungry individuals planning to remove him, which included GBM.


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