The Lusaka Apex University has denied ever employing a lecturer accused of making sexual advances towards two female students while promising to make them pass examinations.

The University has further counter sued the same students in the Lusaka High Court, demanding damages for loss of reputation, as well as, an apology and retraction of the false claims.

It has lamented that the sexual harassment claims have caused its students and general public lose confidence in the University and has brought the University’s business into odium and contempt.

In this matter, Sandra Mubanga and Carol Saili have sued Philistone Nyirenda a lecturer at the university in the Lusaka High Court for allegedly making various sexual advances towards them and promising to make them pass the examinations


  1. Apex University has no interest in the case. The students sued a lecturer and not the University. The University does not know what is happening with their lecturer. They have no control over his emotions or private life. The suit is misplaced.


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